New Trekking Route Discovered

7, Wed Feb 2024


A new trekking route has been discovered that connects India to China through Nepal, aiming to promote cross-border tourism and cultural exchange. Dubbed the 'Nepal Border to Border Through Hike,' this newly identified trail traverses various historical sites from the plains of Nepal's Terai region to the high Himalayan region, ultimately reaching China's Kerung Pass.


The trekking route covers approximately 440 kilometers, spanning 17 days, starting from Kapilvastu in Nepal, where it intersects with the Indian border, and leading through sites like Ramapithecus Park, Palpa Tansen, Aryabhanjyang, Kela Dighat, Ghiring, Sisang, Tanahun Bandipur, Gorakha, Dhading, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa, before reaching China's Kerung Pass.


This trail offers a diverse landscape, ranging from the lowlands of Nepal's Terai region to the historic and scenic hillsides of the Himalayas, providing breathtaking views and cultural experiences along the way. With accommodations available at homestays, small hotels, and campsites in various villages along the route, tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture at minimal costs.


This trekking route, named 'offseason,' can be operational throughout the year, offering endless possibilities for adventure enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Moreover, it presents an excellent opportunity to educate foreign tourists about Nepal's rich cultural heritage and tourism potential, bridging the gap between India and China through Nepal.


The unveiling of this trekking route signals a significant milestone in promoting tourism and fostering international relations among the three neighboring countries. With its natural beauty, cultural significance, and accessibility, the 'Nepal Border to Border Through Hike' is poised to become a preferred destination for travelers seeking an authentic Himalayan experience.